Principal Investigator

Dr. Andrew Kern
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics
and the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey

Sc. B. in Biology from Brown University, 1999
Ph. D. in Population Genetics from University of California, Davis, 2005

Google Scholar: Andrew Kern

Current Lab Members

Daniel Schrider, Ph. D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Google Scholar: Daniel R. Schrider

Erik Lavington, Ph. D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael Lan
Joint Ecology and Evolutionary / Quantitative Biology Graduate Student

Kern Lab Alumni

Alexander Shanku, grad student (2010-2016), now Postdoc in Roger Pique-Regi’s lab at Wayne State Medical School
Dawn Chen, undergrad researcher (2014-2015), now Graduate Student at Cornell University
Elizabeth Hellen, postdoc (2013-2014), now Research Services Librarian at U. Sheffield
Daniel Hupalo, grad student (2009-2013), now Postdoc in Jane Carlton’s lab at NYU
Bryan Kolaczkowski, postdoc (2009-2010), now Assistant Professor at U. of Florida
Amanda Jensen, former lab manager (2009-2011), now Surface Water Scientist, Colorado Dept. of Public Health